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Client Testimonials

Please see below for some feedback on both Mortgage Broker and Financial Advisor services we have offered in the past.

We used MTF for getting a first time buyers mortgage as Con & Veronica came highly recommended by friends. Delighted we did as they were great the whole time & we now have our home. They also helped us with other financial matters since then & the 'after care/service' has been unreal! Thanks again Con & Veronica!
After entering a 3 year contract for a "Rent to buy" scheme direct with the builders to purchase our home it was nearing time to start the mortgage application process. Because of our unique situation we wanted professional advice & guidance. We contacted Con Daly at Money Tree Finance who had been highly recommended to us. From the very start it was clear that Con was very knowledgeable & had huge experience in finance & the mortgage market. Con explained everything that we needed to do to get into a position to get a mortgage to buy our home. Con explained the process in detail & all other aspects of buying our home. Con took the worry & hard work out of this process for us. Shortly after contacting Con, following his advice & ticking the boxes that he provided, Con contacted us to tell us that our application had been approved & we had been offered a mortgage to buy our home. I cannot thank Con & Veronica enough for the help & correct financial advice they provided to us. I would highly recommend Con to anyone looking to purchase a home. Thank you Con & Veronica and everyone at Money Tree Finance
We have worked with Con Daly of Moneytree Finance for about 12 years , Throughout that time Con has provided us with Excellent advice regarding our business, Whether it be liaising with banks and negotiating better terms and conditions, informing us of changes to legislation and tax affairs, or simply been at the end of the phone to answer any financial query. We have always been extremely pleased with the service . We have found Con to be extremely accessible and can honestly say without his help we would have definitely not weathered the recession confidently. We have recommended Con to many family and friends , who are all equally thankfully for the invaluable assistance provided
I am a secondary school teacher with a permanent job . I was previously refused a mortgage a few years back and I wasn't given any reason for being refused a loan.. So I started saving thinking that was the way to get approved because that's what I thought was the thing to do!! Then my friend got a mortgage and he and his partner works in a factory and have 3 kids and I wondered how did I get refused and he got a mortgage, so i got talking to him and he gave me Conn Dalys number.. I gave Conn a ring and he met us (me and my girlfriend) within a week. When we met he pointed out that if we continued applying for a mortgage now without finances the way they was that we would get refused. He gave us a six month finance plan and instructed us that if we follow this that we will have a great chance of getting a mortgage and to give him a ring after 6 months. After 6 months we rang Conn again and he met up with us and after he looked at our statements he applied for the mortgage for us .. We had no dealing with the bank .. All that happened was if the bank wanted something veronica would contact us and we would email her the information.. There was very little fuss or worrying on our part.. Within a few weeks we got news that we had received a mortgage offer ..we accepted!! Then the next step was contacting our solicitor and making the arrangements to purchase the house .. Veronica again helped us with all this and answered any questions we had with no delay.. When out solicitor requested the cheques veronica followed the issuing of the check and fixed any mistakes that were made by the bank at the time , again with very little work by us .. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Conn and Veronica we would still not have a mortgage and would not know how to get one.. We are very grateful for their help and they have worked well and above the minimum fee that we paid for their services.. We would strongly advise if going for a mortgage this is the way to go..